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Meet The Team

Meet the team that brings branding and business opportunities to life! We're passionate about creating unique and compelling stories, pushing boundaries and making branding and business opportunities fun. Join us and let's make it happen together.


Dato' Lewré Lew

Midaxu was founded by Dato’ Lewré, a branding expert and entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the fashion industry. As the founder of Lewré International & Lewré Bespoke a successful global shoe brand, Dato’ Lewré knew firsthand the importance of branding and effective marketing strategies.

Driven by his passion for helping other businesses succeed, Dato’ Lewré founded Midaxu with the goal of providing comprehensive branding services and a business community platform that would connect businesses and provide them with the tools they need to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

Through his experience building and expanding his own brand, Dato’ Lewré developed a deep understanding of the importance of brand identity, market positioning, and effective communication with customers. He has applied this knowledge and expertise to help countless other businesses establish strong and effective brands that drive long-term growth and success.

Today, Midaxu continues to be a leader in the Malaysian business community, thanks in large part to Dato’ Lewré’s vision, leadership, and dedication to helping businesses succeed through effective branding and marketing strategies.

CTO, Co-Founder

Lau Kok Tong

Mr. Lau Kok Tong is a prominent figure in the IT industry, with over 20 years of experience in multiple business fields including ERP, Fintech, Payment, Trading, and E-Wallet. He is highly regarded as a TOGAF certified architect, known for designing complex software architecture for several large enterprises.

Mr. Lau’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to co-found an IT company, where he leveraged his expertise and leadership skills to turn it into a trusted and reliable IT service provider in the market. Today, he continues to apply his experience and expertise as the Co-Founder of MIDAXU, a company focused on delivering innovative IT solutions and services to businesses of all sizes.

In his role as Co-Founder of MIDAXU, Mr. Lau continues to demonstrate his passion for excellence and his commitment to delivering high-quality IT services to clients. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the company, making him a valuable asset and a respected authority in the industry.

CMO, Co-Founder

Keith Low

Keith Low is a seasoned marketing professional with over 10 years of experience in the branding and design industry. As the CMO and co-founder of the Midaxu Platform, Keith’s innovative approach and passion for marketing have been instrumental in the company’s success.

Keith has steadily pursued his dream of brand design since his college days, starting as a visual and graphic designer and later transitioning to marketing roles, holding sharing sessions nationwide and in neighbouring countries, and working for an international branding agency.

In 2022, Keith brought his knowledge and experience to the Midaxu Platform, where he co-founded the company with a mission to provide one-stop branding and marketing services for small and medium-sized enterprises and foreign companies. Through his leadership and strategic vision, Keith has overseen the development of Midaxu into a leading branding platform that helps SMEs create a compelling brand.

In addition to his role at Midaxu, Keith is also the founder of Keith Design Studio, where he specializes in designing branding concepts and directions that fit into the current market trend. He is also the deputy secretary-general of the Malaysian Liu’s Chamber of Commerce.

Keith is a dedicated and visionary leader who has dedicated his career to helping businesses achieve their branding and marketing goals. His expertise, passion, and innovative approach have made him a respected and influential figure in the industry, and he continues to drive Midaxu’s growth and success.


Tyler Yong

Meet Tyler, a digital marketing enthusiast just starting his journey at Midaxu and eager to make a difference. With 2 years of experience, Tyler is well-versed in the latest tools and strategies in digital marketing and is constantly seeking new ways to grow and improve his skills. Despite not having a track record yet, Tyler is dedicated to delivering the best results possible for his clients at Midaxu and is always eager to take on new challenges. In his free time, Tyler enjoys playing basketball and starting businesses. Tyler is humble about his experience and is always open to learning from others in the industry.

In his role as a Manager at Midaxu, Tyler continues to demonstrate his passion for all things digital and his commitment to delivering exceptional results to clients. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the company, making him a valuable asset and a rising star in the industry. Tyler’s dedication to constantly improving and seeking new challenges positions him well to drive the success of Midaxu’s digital marketing efforts.

Join us in our journey to creating world-class brands.

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